applesappleoozTM are crunchy apple chipz made with a variety of fresh apples, organic and natural fruit juices and cinnamon; then slowly dehydrated to a deliciously crunchy texture.  They’re gluten-free and all natural with no added sugars or preservatives.

appleoozTM (pronounced ap-pul-looz) are handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado.  They start out crunchy and then quickly dissolve in your mouth with a “ReMarkable” flavor.

We use organic and natural citrus fruit juices to prepare and preserve our products.    Then we slowly dehydrate the apple slices into crunchy apple chips.  This create a uniquely addictive flavor.

Dehydration locks in the best flavor and nutritional values and takes significantly longer to make each batch than baking or freeze drying.

appleoozTM are a healthy snack and a good source of energy for kids and active adults on the go.   We’re a Colorado Proud company and we use Colorado apples whenever possible.  We support our local communities, non-profit groups and homeless shelters with donations.